Hunarbaaz 13th February 2022 written update full episode: Dharampal’s teaching style inspired Parineeti & Karan: We are here again for all the enthusiasts of Indian television Hunarbaaz. This show is based on the real talent of the people. In this participants come to show their talent including dance, singing, magic, and more. The has been judged by the three most profound personalities. Whereas the hosts of the show are Bharti and Harsh, both keep the audience connected to the show by releasing their hilarious sequences. The show is highly appreciated and entertaining. So your stress level is going to be reduced after watching tonight’s episode. Follow More Update On


Tonight a girl gang is seen setting a free on the stage with their ticking performances. Their mobes are going to be mesmerizing. Everyone in the show is seen lost in their performance, while the judges are also seen super amuse with their tremendous performance. While they are both on the stage with other moves Pareeniti is seen so surprised and amused. Whares rest two judges are also seen enjoying their performances. After their performance, Karan Johar stands and he calps for the girl, Pareeniti also gives them compliments. And Mithun Daa seems so impressed with their rocking performances. Later Pareeniti asks a girl why is she crying.

The team leader answers her, “she is crying as her family doesn’t support her at all. No one is here to appreciate her from her family.” Then a clip is shown in which we can see that her family claims, ” they don’t like it because she use to be late many times and they think that it doesn’t have any scope.”

After which all the three judges motivate her and they tell her to “Keep It Up”. This is the most touching part of the episode tonight. There are going to be more performances like this in the show tonight. People are crazy to be a part of the show and they are so curious to show their talent to the nation with the help of this stage. And many are seen giving audition and their best at it. The show has a huge fan following even it’s the first season and auditions are still going on.

So those who are keen to be a part of the show may try their luck in the next season. Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode only colors tv channel. This is the most entertaining and highly appreciated show. Follow us to get the written episode update.


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