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Hunarbaaz, 12th February 2022, Written Update: Baby Shower with Bharti Singh


Hunarbaaz, 12th February 2022, Written Update: Baby Shower with Bharti Singh: Hunarbaaz is a new Hindi-language reality show which is making the rounds all over the tv screens of people. The tagline of the show “Desh Ki Shaan” clearly indicates an artist’s on the stage is one who will go to make the country proud with his or her talent. The show follows the concept, there are three judges and they have the responsibility of choosing the most deserving one for the show. But before this they as to go through several episodes after which they are able to announce the most deserving one for the title. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


There will be participants who are going to be judged on the basis of their talent, and they have a golden chance to perform in which they are best. Auditions are still on the way and this is not at all easy for the judges to make the decisions. The selection is based on the performances of the participants. In the previous auction episodes, we have seen that there were the most mesmerizing and tremendous talents o the stage and deservings ones got a chance for the next rounds. Hence, tonight’s episode is going to be jammed up with lots of fun, and entertainment.


A Feel Crew of five boys is going to be hit the stage with their hear touching and romantic performance. They very well justified their Crew name “FEEL” in their act. As dedicated their performance to the “Bharti and Harsh” relationship. They represent the journey of their meeting to getting married. The whole act of them has been filled with the love story of Barto and Harsh. Moves are gonna be take your heart and so of the judges. While they are performing on the stage Bharti has tears in her eyes and he is standing beside Parineeti, holding her hand.


Later Bharti and Harsh hug each other and they also share their emotions with the audience. Their act is going to make everyone emotional and amused. This act has become too close to the heart of Bharti and Harsh. So don’t forget to watch the full episode only on the colors tv channel. As there will be more amazing performances like this tonight. Not only this, as we all know Bharti is a comedian and she will not going to be remain quiet, she makes a reel on the trending song with Mithun sir and then created huge laughter on the stage.

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