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Hrithik Roshan Krrish 4 Cast & Release Date Nawaazuddin Siddiqui As Villain


Krrish, Well No doubts, that Director Rakesh Roshan gave a new Indian superhero to Bollywood after Krrish. The movie has a normal boy with abnormal superpowers. The Screenplay by Hritik Roshan was too brilliant and unforgettable. The Krrish series has been one of the most lovable superhero series among Indian kids. As it’s all series have released on Christmas, also this would be releasing on Christmas this year, as the filmmaker has unveiled the look and stated. therefore the Krrish fans seem to be so happy.

The Fourth part of the Krrish series will be in cinemas on Christmas this year. from the first part of the series, Koi… Mil Gaya had steeled millions of hearts of Indian audiences and became the biggest hit in 2003. Koi… Mil Gaya had a story of a very dull boy Rohit Mehra starring Hritik Roshan who got supernatural powers after meeting the alien named jadoo who came from space when Rohit sends some waves through his father’s computer which is used by his father to communicate with aliens, Somehow he plays with his father’s computer system and unfortunately, he interacts with aliens and unknowingly he sent some waves to them to call on the earth.

The movie had a mindblowing twist when the alien met Rohit in the jungle then the movie starts with the concept that how they became good friends, how the alien called jadoo gives him the supernatural powers and.make him the extraordinary boy with more intelligence then the city cops got to know that Rohit Mehra is hiding an alien in his house and they started to try to nab the alien so that they can research on him, therefore, Rohit helped him to send him back to his planet and set a great example of humanity.

According to the report, great actor Nawaazuddin Siddiqui will be playing the baddie in Krrish 4 and we can say that movie will be hitting the hearts more because the series is in the heart of its audience, and the villain would be Nawazuddin from the above. We can say that movies must spread fire in cinemas. As the last villain challenged the hero, therefore filmmakers have roped Nawazuddin to play the role of a more attractive villain. Well, the more cast is about to unveil soon, so stay tuned with us for the latest updates of Bollywood.

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