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How to Watch Paramount Plus Paw Patrol Movie In Canada


It seems like many parents are going to be having a tough talk with their kids on Weekends to explain Paw Patrol, the movie isn’t available to be watched at home in Canada. The movie has been highly anticipated which is a children’s animated film, it is based upon the Homegrown toy franchise and also TV series, it got opened in Canadian theatres on Friday but because of the marketing material, it has been encouraging for the kids to watch the movie on the streaming platform which is Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus Paw Patrol Movie Canada

Paramount Plus Paw Patrol Movie Canada

This has caused huge confusion with some of the families as they have taken it to social media to ask why the film is not available on the streaming platform in Canada, the movie is available in the United States on the streaming platform where it also allows to view it on repeat. The complications are happening because of the ownership of the film which is varying because of the territory.

The movie has been distributed by Elevation pictures which are in Canada while Hollywood studio which is Paramount Pictures is responsible for the release in the stateside and this is the reason why the movie hasn’t been released in Canada on the streaming platform. And as it was being rolled out, people started buzzing about watching it on the streaming platform in Canada but they were not aware of the movie being available for US viewers when it comes to watching the movie on a streaming platform.

Canadians have been complaining for a long time about the movies and shows which gets difficult for them to determine if they are going to be available on streaming platforms or not but it seems like, for a company such as Paw Patrol, it is not going to affect them in any way.

It seems like Paramount Plyus is trying their best to get the movie streaming for the US and Canada but it seems like in Canada Parmamount Plus is hardly a spectacular competitor when it comes to the streaming industry which is being controlled by a few major players.

There has been no confirmation of any kind by the producers and the makers about the movie getting released on the streaming platform in Canada, there is a slight chance the makers are going to listen to the criticism and are going to try to get the movie on the streaming platform for Canada too.

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