How To Check Road Accident Fund Claim In South Africa: As per the data, most of the demised cause road accidents. But do you know that the government paid the fund for those who have been emerged in road accidents? Maybe you are not familiar with this or might be you are but must be thinking that who qualifies for a road accident fund claim? No need to worry, in this blog we are covering all the details in this regard and how the road accident victim qualifies for a road accident fund claim. Read the entire carefully so that you don’t miss out on any information. Follow More Update On

How To Check Road Accident Fund Claim

What is Road Accident Fund?

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) refers to a fund that covers sufferers that have been emerged in road accidents. The RAF provides cover for those who have been wounded or the dependents of those who have been passed away in a road accident. People will be provided with cover for any general damage, serious injuries, or demise. The RAF applies to vehicles drivers, cyclists, passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. The RAF also covers the dependants of victims. Dependants can include children, cohabiting partners, and marital status, etc.

How To Check Road Accident Fund Claim

In order to make sure a successful claim, the claimant requires to report the accident, collect the correct documentation, submit the claim, and regularly check on the status of the claim. The claim can also be unsuccessful after which, the claimant requires to appeal the decision made by the judge that handled the case.

It is also important to note that there is a particular or prescribed time limit when it comes to submitting the claim. If this time limit is not adhered to, the claim will be watched as void and null. It is advisable to ask for an RAF claim status or progress report, as there can be delays which could be the reason for the further complication if not monitored.

Is There Any Need Of A Lawyer To Claim RAF?

The victims can claim for the RAF without any advice or assistance from a lawyer, though it is advisable to employ an attorney. The process of claiming from the RAF can be quite complicated. If the process is handled wrongly, or if there is not enough proof or evidence provided to substantiate a claim, the claim can be rejected or the claimant can be granted a lower settlement than what would have been appropriate.


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