The Pune metropolis is a hotbed for students and young professionals who move into the city every year, attracted by the vast growth opportunities. The best part about Pune, apart from its weather, of course, is its thriving lifestyle opportunities. There are also a plethora of luxury PGs in Pune that offers easy accommodation options. However, you must keep in mind a few key points to ensure your safety and security, especially during the pandemic as the city still struggles to get out of the COVID hold. Here are a few things you can keep an eye on to ensure that you have moved into the safest PG/hostel in Pune

Moved Into The Safest PG in Pune

Space is Cleaned and Disinfected Regularly:

This is the first and foremost thing you must check for. With offices and educational establishments opening up, there is a greater chance that those living in your PG or hostel might come in contact with symptomatic or asymptomatic patients and can, in turn, become infection spreaders. It is important to have the entire space thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day and all common touchpoints frequently sanitized with high-quality sanitation solutions in order to reduce the chances of transmission and keep those living there safe from contracting the virus.

Staff and Residents are Regularly Tested for Symptoms:

Now if you are living in a PG accommodation or hostel in Pune, you are bound to have staff there who would be taking care of the cleanliness in addition to the regular chores around the area. Since they too are traveling from different places and likely to come in contact with an infected person, it is important to ensure that all the staff members are mandated to go through a daily medical test where the hostel authorities at least check their body temperature, oxygen level and common symptoms of the virus-like sore throat and constant sneezing every day as they enter the premise. Similarly, if residents are traveling/moving in and out of the PG, they too should be subjected to similar health monitoring processes to mitigate the chances of infection spread.

Well-defined Health Protocols have been Established:

Considering this is a full-fledged health emergency, it is imperative that all residential spaces, societies, etc have comprehensive health protocols in place to manage the disease. For PGs and hostels which house multiple residents, it is important that they have well-established tie-ups with local hospitals, train their staff on all hygiene and disease management protocols, and have dedicated quick response teams to manage any escalations. In case a resident is detected with COVID, there should be quarantine SOP in place covering their isolation procedure while ensuring care, sanitization of premises, prevention protocols for the safety of other residents, etc.

Social-Distancing Norms Practiced in Communal Spaces:

Social distancing is the new normal and should be a part of your residential PG as well. PGs and hostels have communal spaces like the seating area, parking space, or the TV lounge where people sit together. Instead of following the conventional rules, these spaces should follow social distancing rules like seats being placed 6 feet apart from each other and designated boxes to help people standing in a queue separate themselves from one another, to name a few.

Sanitizer Dispensers at all Common Points:

The greater the number of sanitizer points, the greater the chances of people disinfecting their hands more often. Since hands are more susceptible and prone to contracting and spreading the virus, these sanitizer dispensing stations play a vital role in curbing the spread. PG authorities must emphasize on keeping these dispensing stations fully functioning for the safety and security of their residents.

These are a few basic processes that will help you decide whether the PG and hostel you are considering is serious about following the COVID regulations set by the Government. Managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living have adopted strong COVID-combat protocols that are designed keeping in mind the new norms and ensuring that their spaces offer a protective space to those away from their homes and families in these distressing times.

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