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How Old Is Victoria Azarenka Son Leo? Custody Battle Explained


How Old Is Victoria Azarenka Son Leo? Custody Battle Explained:  The custody battle has been started between Victoria Azarenka and her baby’s father. Azarenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player. she turned pro in 2003. The tennis player claimed the World No 1 position on January 30, 2012. she also won 21 WTA singles titles. Belarusian is the first player who wins a Grand slam tournament singles title. she became a finalist in 2012, 2013, and 2020 at the US Open Victoria. she also won four premiers 5 tournaments, and six Premier Mandatory tournaments. In 2012, she won the bronze medal Summer Olympics in London. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Victoria Azarenka

How Old Is Victoria Azarenka Son Leo?

Victoria Azarenka has a son who is 5 years old. she and her ex-boyfriend Billy Mckeague’s son is Leo. Leo is now turned to 5 and Azarenka or Billy Mckeague are not together. In 2016, on December 16 Leo was born. The couple immediately separated in 2017. Azarenka and Billy are involved in a custody case for Leo. The case battle started in August 2017 because of the case Azarenka had to withdraw from the remaining of the 2017 tournaments.

Azarenka could not fully commit herself to any games or tournaments during the custody case. Her ranking fell to 208 during the custody hearings. Because of the custody battle Azarenka could not control her life and her professional career. she also got back from the Fed Cup final and 2017 US Open. She took participated in some tournaments. She went to the tournaments with no practice. she is facing lots of uncertainty in her schedule because of the custody case.

Victoria Azarenka Case Update

Azarenka has won her son’s custody case eventually. she lives with her son and family in Boca Roton, Florida, USA. she has come back and her rank among the elites. she believes her motherhood for her son brought her a positive effect in her life as per as in her sports.

Does Billy is able to see his son?

The biological father of Azarenka’s son is able to see their son Leo. Even Azarenka won the custody case of Leo. Azarenka’s non-American citizenship worked in his favor. Azarenka could not take Leo out of California.

Victoria Azarenka

Who is Bily?

He was a  hockey player at the University of Missouri. He was working as a golf pro in Hawaii when he met Victoria Azarenka first. Billy loves his son very much. he wanted to get his custody but somehow he could not gain it. but by the time he goes to meet Leo. Right now who is the present girlfriend of Billy not clear.

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