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How Many People Died In Haiti Earthquake? Haiti Earthquake Death Toll Report Explained!


Haiti has been ‘struck by an earthquake with a massive 7.2 magnitude, which occurred on Saturday in the morning, the damage is so deep and it has shaken the country completely. This damage is more than the most devastating earthquake of 2010. The people of that area are suffering badly and they are in such a bad condition as they have lost their house and some of them have been lost their loved ones.

Haiti Earthquake Death Toll

How Many People Died In Haiti Earthquake?

Mote then 2,8000 people were injured and 304e people were due in this. it has been confirmed by the Hati civil protection service. But the USCS has been claiming that the death numbers might get exceeds thousands. The Geophysicist of USGS has been said that “The condition is looking really bad.” Whereas Caruso stated that “this earthquake is on par with the earthquake occurred in 2010 as its magnitude is same and it also bought along the similar fault line.

Haiti Earthquake Death Toll

The earthquake occurred on 12 Jan 2010 with a magnitude of 7h.0, and there were almost 220,000 deaths and 1.5 million poorer were displaced and more than 300,000 injured.

The prime minister of Haiti, Mr. Arile Henery, his a sympathy,” to the families these have been lost their loved ones in this earthquake and even their basic need able materials and livelihood.”

He further said that “I will going to declare a state an emergency place for at least a month as the country is at the worst time and danger has been big. We even send a  research and rescue team at the place of incident.”

The president of the country also comes forward, Mr. Biden has been taking immediate action to rescue people and respond to an incident.

Haiti is going through such a disheartening and devastating time. As the president, if the country passed away recently due to an assassination, and this another earthquake which has been shaken the country and leads to the thousands of deaths.

On the other hand, Haitians also faced heavy rainfall of 3 to 6 inches and which also winds up to 45mph, as per the National Hurricane Center. Whereas the regional is in doubt of storm hitting in upcoming weeks.


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