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How Many Died In Strangeways Riot? Death Toll Revealed


How Many Died In Strangeways Riot? Death Toll Revealed: Nowadays the taste of people regarding watching movies and web series has completely changed. They love to watch real-based events and documentaries and in this line-up, a new documentary is all ready to give a reality check. A new Channel 5 documentary is ready to enlighten on the Strangeways Prison Riot of 1990 via shocking testimonies from the jailer staff and inmates who lived through the 25-day siege. The documentary was broadcasted at 09:00 PM on Thursday (17th March 2022), t, Strangeways Riot: 25 Days of Mayhem gives an hour by hour account of how 1,100 Manchester prisoners took over the prison on 1st of April 1990, leaving 147 prison officers and 47 wounded, 1 inmate dead, and damage of more than £55 million. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

How Many Died In Strangeways Riot

How Many Died In Strangeways Riot?

At the time, the jail held 1,647 inmates, and talking in the documentary, former Hospital Prison Officer, Maggie Jones recalled that the first thought of the staff was to get the s*x offenders out as they risked being beaten up by other inmates. John Murray, the former Strangeways prisoner remembered how he was left fearing for his life when a fire broke out at the time of the first day of the riots. In the meantime, police officers Dave Taylor and Alan Hall remembered how inmates wanted to “assassinate (them)” and their frustrations at headquarters orders to stand back and let the rioting prisoners take over the jail on the first day of the confrontations.

Strangeways Riot Death Toll Revealed

Maggie Jones, the former Hospital Prison Officer recounted that the “first thought of the staff was to get the s*xual offenders out” once the riot erupted. There was panic about leaving the vulnerable jailers in the jail as they faced being assailed and so the police managed to get some out, who were on C Wing but those on E Wing awaiting trial or convicting were not so lucky.

hen Prison Governor Brendan O’Friel stated that “Some on E wing were caught by the rioters and they were beaten up very brutishly, ‘some were forced to take drugs, beaten up and there even those who were castrated. Alan Lord, the former prisoner who was part of the original group of riots informed how an s*x offender was dragged out of his prison cell and got “a good hiding” prior to being thrown over the railing. As he went down to hit some of the other railings prior to landing on a safety net “then the jailers ran down and pulled him back up and did it again.

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