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How did Xolani Luvuno did? what was Xolani Luvuno’s cause of death?


Who was Xolani Luvuno? How did Xolani Luvuno did? what was Xolani Luvuno’s cause of death? A well-known amputee athlete naming Xolani Luvono had recently passed away, it has been confirmed by his mentor naming Hein Venter, he confirmed this through a Facebook post which he posted on Monday stating Xolani was a son to him, someone who was friendly to many and a hero for all who got inspired watching his incredible bravery and the humility with which he used to carry himself.

Xolani Luvuno

Xolani Luvuno’s cause of death?

In the post he has not mentioned the cause of death, there has been no statement from the family too about the cause of death, it seems like the family is requiring some alone time and this is the reason they are not coming out with a statement, we are going to update you guys about the cause as soon as it comes under our radar.

The news has been confirmed by Venter to the TimesLIVE, as he described Luvono as somebody who was loved by all of the people who were around him, he always used to be generous about things which is one of the qualities which many people don’t have, his story has won the hearts of many South Africans.

Who was Xolani Luvuno?

He was a beggar in the beginning and he was also a drug addict and now he has become a well-known athlete, he was competing in IronMan and Comrades Marathon when Luvono met Ventor in the year 2016, he was homeless at the time and he was battling substance addiction.

In the year 2009, Luvono got his leg amputated due to cancer and he has always given the credit to Venter for turning his life around. People have been sharing their reactions about the death of the man, he was one of the inspirations of the country and his death has put many people in a vulnerable mood.

How did Xolani Luvuno did?

He was suffering from poverty and he was a drug addict at the same time but he still came out as one of the best athletes of his time even though he had a small journey, he has achieved a lot in that small span of time. I want to ask people what is your excuse not to bring out the best in you, if he can then anyone can and this is the message which should be spread all across the world after his death. Our thought and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

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