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How did Wilbur Smith die and what was his cause of death? South African novelist died aged 88


How did Wilbur Smith die and what was his cause of death? South African novelist died aged 88: We are here with the sudden demise of Wilbur Smith. Mokhiniso is the wife of the most renowned personality Wilbur Smith who is passed at aged 88. His sudden demise is creating havoc on social media. So the fans of Wilbur are taking over Twitter to pay their tribute to him. So let us also tell you that he has been also lost his life too. Their fans are so shocked and stunned. Wilbur was a novelist. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Wilbur Smith

How did Wilbur Smith die?

He and his wife both passed away on Saturday in the afternoon. If we talk about Smith’s work then he has been writing many of the novels and his novels even got sold all around the world. Police use to highly appreciate his work. He sold 49 novels and even 140 million copies or had been sold all around the world. He releases his novel “When the Lion Feeds” in the year 1964 and that was his best-ever selling novel and was highly cherished by the readers.


Who is Wilbur Smith’s wife Mokhiniso?

While he was passing away his wife was with him and she was by his side. He married his wife in 2000 and they were in love after which they both finally decide to get married to each other. They are blessed with children and both of them were happily married to each other.

Wilbur Smith Net Worth

Here we are with the Net Worth of Wilbur which is $14 million and this is the estimated net worth of him at the time of his death. Later phis novel was so attractive that these were used to create the films also. Or we can say that his novels were used for making films. Likewise, we also see that his long novels were depicted in the South African Life and which was named the American Best Seller. In his career, he sold almost 120 million copies of his work.

Wilbur Smith Death Cause

Many of his fans are getting impatient to know the reason behind his death. Bur let us tell you that the reasons are yet to be confirmed. His family is in grief and it isn’t the right tie to insist them from knowing his death reason. So with their due respect, we have to maintain the decorum and keep patience to know the cause of his death. So follow us and bookmark our site.

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