How did Warren Muzi Nzama Die? Ferrari Driver Gunned Down Identified As Businessman Warren Muzi Nzama Death Cause Explained: There is a man who has been gunned down together with a 21-year-old female passenger while he was driving a Ferrari has been identified as a businessman naming Warren Muzi Nzama. He is at the age of 41, he belongs to Maptela in Soweto and the unidentified woman has died.

Warren Muzi Nzama

Muzi Nzama Death Cause

The car they were traveling in got sprayed with bullets along Klipspruit Valley road in Soweto on Sunday night, the spokesperson for the police Lieut-Col Mavela has stated this at 10:00 pm, the female passenger and Nzama were in the vehicle which resembles a 458 Italia.

How did Warren Muzi Nzama Die? Ferrari Driver Gunned Down Identified As Businessman Warren Muzi Nzama Death Cause Explained

It has been stated by the witnesses, at the time of the incident, there was a Toyota Etios having an unconfirmed number of occupants which blocked the way of the Ferrari and the occupants opened up with firing before speeding off. There have been no arrests as of yet and the motive of the killing seems to be unknown.

Nzama was an affluent businessman and he was also the managing director of Nzama Consulting based in Krugersdorp on the West rand, the company was founded by Nzama and his wife Thandeka Nombanjinji Nzama in the year 2015. It has been stated on the company’s website, it provides services to the sectors of transport, mining, and property.

How did Warren Muzi Nzama Die?

The website is further elaborating on some of the services which the company provides, it includes mining, plant hire, logistics, integrated communication technology, and security services, armed and guarding response, and to provide with VIP protection.

The death of them has left everyone in shock and it is evident on social media as to how terrified the people are after hearing about the incident, there are tributes which are being posted on the internet for him, the woman hasn’t been identified yet so there is much information about the girl as of now.

Warren Muzi Nzama Funeral Live Update

There have been no arrests as of yet, the investigation is going on and there are going to be many new revelations in the case about which we are going to be updating you guys as soon as something comes under our radar, this is a developing story, the identity of the woman is still to be revealed.

The police are trying to find a dashcam video in order to catch the culprits so if anyone has recorded the horrible event on dashcam then they can contact the authorities without any delay as the culprits are out on the run.


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