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How Did Trevor Moore Dies? Comedian Trevor Moore Fell from balcony Cause of Death Revealed!


There has been a sad demise of Trevor Moore who is an actor, comedian, and also the producer and co-founder of “the whitest kids you know” has died on Friday in an accident at the age of 41. The news has been confirmed by the manager of Moore and he shared the sad news with Variety and he also stated on the behalf of Moore’s wife naming Aimee Carlson and his family, they all are devastated because of the loss of her best friend, husband, and father of their son, he has been known as a writer and a comedian to millions of people and yet he was just a man who was the center of their whole world which was written by Carlson.

Trevor Moore

How Did Trevor Moore Dies? 

  • Trevor Moore, The Whitest Kids U Know star passed away in early August in an accident at his home. Trevor was one of the most popular and renowned actors and comedians. He was also a part of an American Sketch comedy show titled “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”. As per the sources, the star died after falling from an upstairs balcony in his home.
  • The cops and fire responded to a medical emergency on August 7 at Trevor’s home in LA at around 2:30 p.m., where he was discovered unconscious in the backyard of her house and declared dead by the doctors.
  • However, it is unveiled that whether the comedian-actor was tumbled intentionally or it was an accident. After getting the news of his demise, several prominent personalities and his fans paid soulful tribute to him. His family is in grief and needs our support and concern. Our deepest condolences to his family and family. May his soul Rest In Peace.

He stated he is pretty thankful for the memories which they have shared with each other are going to be staying with them forever, he further stated, the family is pretty thankful for the outpouring of love and support which the family and friends have received after the untimely death of one of the funniest man on the planet, this has been a tragic and sudden death and the family asked to respect their privacy in these difficult times.




Trevor Moore Accident Video

He was born in N.J in Montclair and he grew up in Charlottesville, he developed an interest in writing at a young age, he was publishing and creating cartoons when he was a teen. at the age of 19, he produced and wrote a comedy show which was a sketch at a local TV station. He moved to New York in the year 1999 and he went on to intern under Lorne Michaels when it comes to “Saturday nightlife”, he was also the co-founder of “the whitest kids U know” which he produced with Sam Brown, Zach Cregger, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams.

Trevor Moore Cause of Death

The group went on to produce a self-titled sketch series for the IFC which ran over for five seasons, they also went on to made 2 films which were “the civil war on drugs” and “Miss March”. The family and the friends of the comedian are getting outpouring support on the internet and people are paying tribute to one of the funniest men on the planet, he entertained people throughout his life and made people laugh and smile for so many years and it is just sad to see that he had died in such a manner, he had so many years in front of him and it is sad to see, we are not going to see more of his work, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the lost soul.

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    • Well, after wondering wtf accident meant..I guess the local sexpot fell off his balcony? Seems definitely more like a drunken stumble than suicide, I mean if you follow their YouTube channel he’d just done a video a few days before, they were making a film too.
      Been a WKUK fan for 20 years, honestly it’s like Python losing Cleese

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  2. Unfortunately he probably died in some dishonorable way, which is why they are being secretive about cause . The harder they come, is usually the story, probably won’t be surprised to hear any of many causes . This guy was funny and clearly the brains behind WKUK. Rip

  3. The family hasn’t disclosed and asked for privacy. Although we all wonder what real happened because we’re trying to make sense of it. I was chatting with him on Twitch about an hour before this happened, still in shock. I only knew him thru his work and Twitch streams, but it felt like I knew him, especially watching his Twitch. I don’t want to speculate, too much because I don’t know, but I really doubt OD or suicide. He was home by himself watching his son, although his son had probably already gone to bed. He had recently said he was going to start making moonshine, which can be dangerous. I would guess that it had something to do with that, except if that were the case I assume they would tell us and not be secretive about it. Therefore, unfortunately I would guess it had something to do with something they made a sketch about, which if the case is amazingly dark to look back on.

  4. With no real media outlets (thanks to Liberal Communists) we not only don’t know how he died but even if this is a legitimate report.
    Give it time to play out as it may very well be a sick joke.
    Some have a strange sense of humor. Remember he was a comedian.
    Remember also that death comes for everyone sooner or later.
    No one gets out alive.

    • You seem like a fun dude.
      You realize you come across like a flat earther/anti vax whackjob to the rest of the sane world right?
      Go back to fox news, it’s not biased at all.

      Also, idk if you know this but Sinclair broadcasting, a super right wing group, owns the vast majority of local news programs and has forced broadcasting topics of utter propaganda right..? Everything’s got a bias, but A, there is no communism in the US, and B, the stuff that is wildly biased to goebells levels comes from the right.
      Bashing climate change? Inventing voter fraud? (Which even fox dismissed it was too insane haha) rabid evangelical nonsense? these are extremely counterfactual, and not based in reality.

      Also, Trevor hated your boy Reagan haha.

      He died from a fall. It just wasn’t reported on initially.


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