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How did Steve Irwin die? Steve Irwin Death Video Explained!


Steve Irwin has been one as the “Crocodile Hunter” who has been passed away 15 years ago. He was shot in a number of documentaries. And he was even famous for his work in these documentaries. He was knowledgeable about wildlife and share his knowledge with the people through those documentaries. He was killed after he was pierced with a stingray barb in his chest during a shooting of his documentary.

Steve Irwin

How did Steve Irwin die?

He was mainly and usually seen in Khali-colored shirts and shirts at his tours and when he used to be wrestled to the crocodiles and also picking up the snakes and spiders. He used to be love wildlife and he did what he loved to do and that makes him a famous and well-known personality. In one of his interviews, he has been said that he used to love all the creatures and rehabilitate Kangaroos.

Steve Irwin Death Video

He even dreams of a hospital which is for the treatment of eth wildlife creatures. So he got died while he was swimming in shallow water on the Great Barrier Reef, in northern Queensland., a stingray attacked him this happened on September 4, 2006. The sh[oot was done by his cameraman whose name is Justin Lyons and he stated that:” a  jagged barb on the tail of a stingray went through Steve’s chest and it passes like hot butter.”

So the incident was not easy to be seen and it was so disheartening for the entire crew to lose him like this. But somehow Steve was seen manage himself to come back on a boat and he said few words “I’m dying”. In one of his interviews to Australian morning program, Justin told, “I had a camera in my head and being cameramen I was excited ‘that this will going to be an amazing shot but what happened was so shocking and unbelievable, a stingray attached on him on its front side and then it threads to stab Steve with his tail.”

He further added that “There were numerous strikers in just a  minute.” When he was passed away he aged 44. His wife Terri was devastated when she got to know about his sudden demise. And it was unbelievable for her and the sudden death of Steve. He had two kids named Robert and Bindi, at that time their age was two and eight. His death created sadness around the world.

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