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How Did Rayan Awram Die And What Was His Cause Of Death?


How did Rayan Awram die and what was his cause of death?: A 5 years old Moroccan boy, Rayan Awram is making the headlines everywhere and gaining the attention of the netizens. The news is that a five years old boy who was stuck inside an underground well in north Morocco for 4 days died in spite of extensive efforts to rescue him. The news of the boy has been going viral on the internet. The netizens have been sharing their condolences on social media. Four years old boy’s family is going through deep pain at this time. People have been searching to know the details of the incident. Here, we have brought every detail about the incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rayan Awram

How did Rayan Awram die?

As per the sources, five years old, Moroccon boy named Rayan Awram fell down into a 32-meter well that was outside his home in the village of Ighran on Tuesday evening. He was stuck inside the well for almost 4 days before the rescuers took him out. And when the rescuers pulled him out, he was dead. Yes, despite lots of efforts, the rescue team failed to save the boy and he died inside the well. However, it is not clear yet when he actually died. The cause of his death is yet to be disclosed.

Rayan Awram Death Cause

In the course of the days it took to get him out, the rescue team was allegedly lowered food and water to the boy. But it is not known whether he was getting food or not while he was stuck inside the well. Since the news of Rayan’s fall broke out, Every detail of the case that has come to the fore in the country has been transfixed. More than 1,00,000 people have viewed when the efforts of the rescue team were live-stream. At the time, a hashtag was trending on the internet with Rayan’s picture and that was #StayStrong Rayan.

A huge crowd was gathered around the well to encourage and cheer for rescue teams. During a live stream, the child was spotted alive through a camera. The rescue operation was conducted on 1 February 2022, to save Rayan when he fell down into the 32-meter well when his father was fixing it. Rayan Awram lived in Ighran village in the northern province of Chefchaouen in Morocco. Following lots of effort, he died inside. Today, the whole family of Rayan is mourning his death. His family is in deep grief. We hope that the boy’s family come out of this pain soon. May Rayan’s soul Rest In Peace.

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