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How did Phil Jerrod die? What was Phil Jerrod’s Cause of Death? Mock The Week comedian Phil Jerrod dies at 42


The most disheartening news is about the well-known stand-up comedian Phil Jerrod who has been pass away this morning. The news of his demise was announced by his agents “OFF The Kerb”, they stated that, “With the most saddened heart we have to announce you all about the sudden demise of comedian Phil Jerrod. Phil was suffering from cancer and he lost his life by battling against this most dangerous disease. He took last breathes at his home in front of his devoted wife.”

Phil Jerrod

Phil Jerrod’s Cause of Death

His sudden death is most disheartening for his fans and followers. He aws a reboend name of the comdey. He earns huge respect in this field. Phil’s received a lot of respect and appreciation buy his support and peers. His agent said, “Phil was so close to us and the dearest one, he was a person with great talent and incredible at his work. He will be going to be missed a lot and we will always keep his best work in our minds.”

How did Phil Jerrod die?

His friends and fans took to Twitter to pay their tribute to him. Herse what Angela Barnes said on his demise, “We have to say goodbye to one of our favorite and most talented friends on Saturday, a stand-up comedian ‘Phil Jerrod’. He was the one who is the most caring, loving, and funniest person I have ever met in my life. All my thoughts are with his beloved wife Beck. You will be great.y missed. Life isn’t going to be the same ever again. Rest In Peace.”

Comedian Phil Jerrod dies at 42

Toby Hadoke tweeted, “with a disheartening hurt, I just have to say that Jerrod was the finest, humorous comedian with the silence and intelligence too has been left us all. His demise is devastating. He will be missed and the respect for him will be going to remain the same. We will be going to be poorer without such an amazing soul.”

He was living his life on one kidney and he has to face numerous issues. There are numerous tributes for him on Twitter. Well for his wife it is going to be difficult for her to live her life without him. For Beck, it is the worst time for her and she must have to keep herself strong. Our deepest and heartfelt condolence to his wife at this grief.


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