Home World How did Pat Hume die? what was Pat Hume’s cause of death?

How did Pat Hume die? what was Pat Hume’s cause of death?


There has been a sad demise of Pat Hume who is the widow of late SDLP leader and also a noble prize winner John Hume, it is being stated, she has died after a short illness. She used to work alongside her husband at the time of the civil rights movement which happened in Londonderry in the year 1960.

Pat Hume

Pat Hume’s cause of death

Her work continued at a time when things were pretty troublesome, this was happening through the Good Friday agreement in the year 1998. She ran operations that were happening on the ground level, she used to deal with community issues, poverty which was there in Derry, and also used to look out for housing in the community.

There has been a statement which has given by the Hume family, they have stated they are heartbroken as they are announcing the death of Pat Hume and she saw the outstanding work which is being done by the health care workers and the pressures which they are facing in these times of Covid-19.

How did Pat Hume die?

They further stated, she has always prioritized public health all of the time, the family went on to pay tribute to the medical staff who cared for their mother in her final days. She has died after her husband died a year ago, she was a former teacher, she was also awarded Irish Red Cross Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2018.

In the last year in the month of November, there was a foundation was formed honoring the husband and wife who have been the determining force when it comes to peace in the beautiful land of Ireland. Tributes are being poured on the internet for Pat Hume.

She is one of the people who dedicated her life to others, she has always worked for the welfare of the people in the community and has done a lot for the people generally, we need more human beings like her on this planet which is filled with negativity, people like her work as a hope in the cruel world and it is just sad to see that she has died.

Pat Hume and John Hume will never be forgotten and especially by the people who have been helped by them many times when things weren’t the best, it has been stated by the Deputy First Minister naming O’Neil, she was a strong and a determined person and her immense contribution when it comes to peace and helping others is never going to be forgotten by the people and the leaders of the country.

Our thoughts and prayers reach out to the family and friends who are suffering from the sad demise of their beloved ones.

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