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How did Neddy Smith Die? What was Notorious gangster Neddy Smith’s cause of death?


Who was Neddy Smith? What was Neddy Smith’s cause of death? How did Neddy Smith Die? Notorious gangster Neddy Smith dies in jail: Once again we are sharing the demised news of a notorious personality. But this time, the deceased person belongs to the world of crime and the name of this legendary Sydney gangster Neddy Smith who has passed away in jail at the age of 76. Neddy Smith is a well-known figure who was a murderer and drug dealer and known for his huge frame and fearsome reputation. According to the reports, the cause of his death due to natural causes and he took his last breath in Long Bay Prison Hospital. Neddy Smith real name was Arthur Stanley Smith but always known by the name of Ned or Neddy.

Neddy Smith

Neddy Smith’s cause of death?

Smith was eradicated in the popular TV series titled “Blue Murder”. Smith was the main character featured alongside notorious corrupt former police officer, Roger Rogerson. Roger is presently serving life in prison for the case of murder of drug dealer Jamie Gao. Smith spent her life more than 40 years in prison, had over the last decade of his life suffered from the disease Parkinson and consulted to using a walking frame.

Who was Neddy Smith?

Smith started his criminal career as a juvenile and graduated to becoming an inner Sydney suburban bank burglar who then became intricated in the lucrative heroin trade in the time of the 1970s. Smith lived a luxurious life on his earnings which he was earned from drugs but also bringing up a family in which he had four children with his ex-wife Debra.

How did Neddy Smith Die?

That would change after the assassination of a heroin dealer Warren Lanfranchi in a city in front of Rogerson. The girlfriend of Lanfranchi, prostitute Sallie-Anne Huckstepp menace to blow the lid off police corruption and in particular Rogerson and his participation with criminals like Smith. In the second half of the 1990s, Smith became an illustrious witness for the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police. He unveiled how some members of the NSW Police had allowed him to commit all crimes bar murder.

Smith was charged with the assassination of Huckstepp who he is portrayed killing in Blue Murder whose corpse was found in Centennial Park’s Busby Pond in the year 1986 but he was absolved at trial. He was a suspect in around 14 murders and charged with 8 but was sentenced only to the assassination of brothel owner Harvey Jones whose remains were found in sand dunes at Botany. He left behind his three sons and a daughter and several grandchildren who used to meet him in the jail on a regular basis.

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