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How did Matthew Strachan die? what was Composer Matthew Strachan’s cause of death?


How did Matthew Strachan die? what was Composer Matthew Strachan’s cause of death? There has been a sad demise of Matthew Strachan who is the composer who has co-written the theme music for “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, he has died at the age of 50, he was the one who wrote the quiz shows’ theme song and also dramatic incidental music with his father naming Keith.

Matthew Strachan

Composer Matthew Strachan’s cause of death?

It became pretty well known all around the world, this is because of so many programs which were the international versions of the show, he was loved by his family and he is going to be sadly missed, this has been stated by Keith Strachan to the BBC. She further stated, he was a warm, talented and funny human being.

They went on to win the American Society of Composers, publishers, and authors award for the most broadcasted piece of music on US TV which was for a decade in a row that earned them the place in the organization’s hall of fame. In one of his interviews which he gave to BBC Radio London in the year 2014.

He recalled the unusual circumstances in which he was called in to write the iconic score, he stated, there was a non-broadcast pilot which was very unsuccessful and it just didn’t for the scenario, it was stated by the executive producer at the time, we need to start from scratch as if they don’t then ITV are going to turn their back on this.

How did Matthew Strachan die?

He and his father were called into the meeting the very next day after they watched the show and as they talked with the director, it was then eventually decided, there is a need of having 95 pieces of music to be synchronized with the way the show flows, he stated to the executive producer, there are different pieces of music.

There should be a piece of music when the light goes down, there should be an underscore for the questions, the idea was to make it quite subliminal and then they came up with a bright idea, every time there was going to be a new question there is going to be a semi-tone and he stated they started working 24 hours a day to get the tunes just right for the show.

He has been a part of many people’s lives knowingly or unknowingly, I think there is going to be a very slight chance that there are people who haven’t heard the iconic sounds of the show, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased.


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