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How did Maki Kaji dies? Japan’s ‘Father Of Sudoku’ Maki Kaji Cause of Death Revealed!


The Sudoku puzzle became a global hit when it came in year 2004, it happened after a fan who is from New Zealand pitched it and then he went on to get it published, it got published in the British newspaper naming ‘the times’. Maki Kaji is the creator of the puzzle and number game which is Sudoku and his work has been enjoyed by the whole world, he really made a difference in this world, the puzzle was created for children and for the people who just want to stay productive and doesn’t want to think too hard.

Maki Kaji

How did Maki Kaji dies?

The name is made up of Japanese characters which are for numbers and single and players have to place the numbers 1 which is going to be done through nine columns, rows, and blocks and you cant repeat it. He is always going to be known as the Godfather of Sudoku and he has died because of duct cancer and this has been stated by the Japanese company.

After two years, Japan rediscovered their game of Sudoku as “Gyakuyunyu” or you call it “reimport”. Kaji was the chief executive at the company which was Nikoli Co. which was until July as he died on 10th August at his home in Mitaka which is a city in Tokyo. The legend went on to travel about 30 countries as he kept on spreading the enjoyment of playing puzzles, the championship which was of Sudoku has attracted about 200 million people which has happened in 100 counties over the years.

Maki Kaji Cause of Death

Sudoku has never even been trademarked, it has only happened in Japan but not in any other country. The tributes are being poured out for the man on the internet,, he has truly been someone who has brought about some change in the world, he made people more productive and kept the minds of the people active with the legendary fun puzzle Sudoku, he was truly left his mark on this world and we all are grateful to the man for creating the game.

The company has provided original puzzles to more than 100 media companies and 10 of them are the media which are from foreign and this game is never going to have an end, this is something which is going to always keep him alive. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the lost soul.


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