Home News How did LOUIE SIMMONS die and what was his cause of death?

How did LOUIE SIMMONS die and what was his cause of death?


How did Louie Simmons die and what was his cause of death?: If I ask you something that’s the most important thing in the world then you probably say, career, luxury, some say driving in a sports car and want Lamborghini while some say they want girls. But apart from this, there is one guy who doesn’t want anything among this. You will be shocked when you hear this guy answer. He says I don’t want anything and don’t to drive in luxury cars. I want one thing from our life and that is Health. Yes, health. He continued. Health is the most important thing in this world which God has given to me. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Louie Simmons

Louie Simmons Death Cause

Many people don’t care about their health. They just drink, take drugs and eat fast foods which didn’t get the required nutrients to their body. We are talking about the guy who was doing the exercise for 50 years and doing the powerlifting. Yes, we are talking about Louie Simmons. During his 50 years, he broke many records and achieved many awards. He didn’t take a single day off to exercise his body. He believes that his body was worth more than the gold.

And there is no above level beyond the health, but unfortunately to say this the most powerful man who exercised his body daily, sadly he passed away. Yes, he died at the age of 74. Many say how a weightlifting guy will die. He has no disease. He doesn’t suffer from any illness. So, how will he die? Many predict that he died because of natural causes. But the actual cause of death is yet to know.

Who was Louie Simmons?

He was known as a legendary American powerlifter and the beloved strength coach. He was a true legend who had been in powerlifting for more than 50 years. He accomplished 920 pounds squat, 722 pounds deadlift, and 600 pounds bench press. He mastered the five different weight classes over his powerlifting career.

How did Louie Simmons die?

His sudden demise has shocked many people, especially his loved ones. She didn’t swallow this truth and can’t believe that he has died. The actual cause of death was not known yet. Officials are waiting for the reports of post mortem. If they come then we inform you. His fans and followers who follow him, see his post, and are inspired by him have also been shocked. Hope wherever he goes. May his soul rest in peace.

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