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How did Lisa Currys Daughter die and what was her cause of death?


How did Lisa Currys Daughter die and what was her cause of death?: The former Olympian, Lisa Curry has suffered immense sorrow for the last two years. The ex-Olympian lost her daughter named Jaimi Kenny (33-years-old) in the month of September 2020 after a long struggle with mental illness, self-harm, and eating disorders. After that, less than 18 months later, Curry lost her beloved mother named Pet. Her mother took her last breath at the age of 86. Now the champion swimmer has shared distressing information about the final moments of her daughter and how she has coped with the pain of losing her “bookends”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

How did Lisa Currys Daughter die

How did Lisa Currys Daughter die?

In an exclusive extract from her new book titled “Lisa: A Memoir- 60 years of life, love & loss” published in The Daily Telegraph, Lisa shared the moment she gets a call to come to the hospital urgently. She and her ex-partner, Grant Kenny, rushed to the side of Jaimi. She wrote, “When we got there, she was unconscious and on a ventilator. I ran to her and called softly, Jaimi, Jaimi, it is Mum. Please open your eyes, baby, open your eyes. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.” But there was no response, there was just nothing. I was numb.


“While we were there, her kidneys shut down. And that is when the doctor stated in a matter-of-fact tone.” Jaimi will die tonight. And hearing those words, I was sobbing. “No, no, no, I am not ready!” Even though we had known for years this time would come, we did not want it to be real.”

“Jaimi Wanted To Aid People”

While Curry stated she struggled with the decision to share such intimate information about the struggles of Jaimi in her new book, she knew her daughter wanted to aid people with her story. Curry stated, “Jaimi informed me many times that, when she got better, she wanted to aid people with similar problems. She wanted to write a book about what she had learned and how she got through it all”.

The ex-Olympian stated this had now given her life new meaning to spread awareness and aid people like Jaimi avoid slipping through the cracks.

“My bookends Have Gone Now”

In an exclusive shoot and interview with media outlets, Curry described how tough it has been adjusting to life sans her daughter and mother. She informed Stellar that “My bookends have gone. Every time I am in the car, their pictures come up on the screen- my favorites who I would ring all the time. I get in the car and think, I will ring Mum. Oh, hang on, Mum is not there anymore.”

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