How did Kai Madsen die? what was Retired Cheer Board boss Kai Madsen’s cause of death? Death is the ultimate truth of this universe and it is not the opposite of life in fact it is part of life. This is the ugly truth which no one wants to accept either nobody can reject. One more time with a heavy heart we are sharing the demised news of a prominent figure. According to the reports, Winnipeg lost a winner on Tuesday night, 5th October 2021 as long-time Christmas Cheer Board executive director Kai Madsen has passed away after months. After hearing his passing news his fans searching the cause of his death and expressing their mourning. Follow More Updates On

Kai Madsen

Kai Madsen’s cause of death?

According to the reports, Kai Madsen passed away after a months-long struggle and fight with failing health. Kai death news is confirmed by The Cheer Board who released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, 6th October 2021. In the given statement, The Cheer Board wrote that “It is with a deep and heavy heart we are informing today that the Winnipeg Christmas Cheer Board’s great winner Kai Madsen is no more between us.

“The 80-year-old, Madsen has passed away on Tuesday night following some months of failing health issues, He had resigned from the post of executive director of the Cheer Board earlier in the year, and the position replaced by Shawna Bell. Bell stated that “My archetypal memories of the Cheer Board were of Kai and the devastating kindness and warmth that he brought to the holidays every year. It is such a bad day for Winnipeg. Kai will always be missed by so many throughout the city,”

How did Kai Madsen die?

“Madsen’s tenancy with the CCB goes back more than 50 years. Madsen worked with the board as a volunteer and after that, he became the executive director, a post which he held for above than 25 Christmas seasons. “The presence of kai with the Cheer Board was much more than that of an executive. His face had closely become that of Christmas itself in Winnipeg, many news agencies and media outlets recalled thought. Just ask Winnipeggers who got holiday hampers, they would agree.”


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