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How Did John Meadows Dies? American Bodybuilder John Meadows aka Mountain Dog Death Cause Explained!


There has been a sad demise of John Meadows who is famously known as a “mountain dog” who is a bodybuilder by profession, he is also a trainer and a nutritionist, he has originated from Ohio who has died at the age of 49 on 8th August 2021. the news has been shared on his Facebook page which happened in the afternoon on behalf of his wife by a person naming Brooke Nappo. He stated to all of his friends and family, he is posting this on the behalf of his wife, in the morning John passed away peacefully and unexpectedly in their home, he further stated, it is a complete shock for the boys and his wife, she will be updating more about the untimely death as soon as she is able to.

How Did John Meadows Dies

How Did John Meadows Dies?

The reason for his death has not yet been revealed as now but we will update you as soon as the reason is revealed, he did have a history of medical issues though. in the year 2005, he was diagnosed with a disease is rare colon disease which is known as Idiopathic Myointimal Hyperplasia which is directed to Mesenteric Veins. and the treatment is to get his colon removed, but it was known he recovered at the time and he resumed his career for amateur bodybuilding and also his business of coaching.

In the year 2020, Meadows suffered a heart attack which was caused by blood clots which resulted in a hospital stay but he recovered eventually, at the time doctors confirmed a part of his heart wasn’t working properly during the time.

John Meadows Death Cause Explained

He carried a love for training in bodybuilding which started from his childhood, he started doing powerlifting pretty early, he trained at the Westside Barbell which is a legendary institution in Columbus.

John Meadows Carried

After this venture he went on to pursue the ultimate goal of his life of becoming a professional bodybuilder, he realized his goal in the year 2015 at the NPC Team Universe Contest, he then went on to compete at the pro circuit, he places in the top five at the time of the three events which took place and he missed closely missed out on the opportunity to be a part of Mr. Olympia.

He played his last tournament in the year 2017 which was Muscle Mayhem Kansas Pro, he placed 14th at the time, he then shifted his focus to the coaching aspect of the sport, he worked with various pros which includes the likes of Theresa Ivancik, Fouad Abiad, Shaun Clarida and also Missy Truscott. He has been a great repressor of the sport of bodybuilding, he has been involved in various companies because of being such a great influence on the sport.

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