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How did John A. Rizzo die? C.I.A. Lawyer who approved torture program, John Rizzo dies at 73


There has been a sad demise of John Rizzo who used to self describe himself as “company man”, he worked as the CIA lawyer for more than three decades, he went on to lay the work for legal groundwork when it comes to proxy wars, enhanced interrogation program, and drone strikes.

John A. Rizzo

How did John A. Rizzo die?

He has died on 6th August at his home which is in Washington, he was at the age of 73. The cause of his death is still unknown as it hasn’t yet been revealed by the authorities or his family, it is being speculated, he has died a natural death but it is not confirmed yet.

He has spent his entire career working for the CIA, he was the person who used to offer legal advice to covert operations and was the advisor when it comes to mundane issues of contract, environment and when it comes to tax law.

He was named as the top lawyer of the agency for two months which happened after the 9/11 attack and he then went on to serve as the counsel for more than six years, in two stints.

John A. Rizzo Cause of Death

but then he was denied the role of general counsel, his senate confirmation has also blocked in the year 2007 by Democratic opposition when we talk about the role of the agency’s brutal interrogation program.

He even described himself as the legal architect when it comes to the proposed list of techniques that they used to torture the terrorists.

he was the guy who has served his country without demanding anything in return, he was a man who saw a lot in his life which made him what he was, he has been the part of so many operations which have been pretty crucial, after knowing about the man, it has to be said he was one of the most important people when it comes to taking decision for the CIA.

It seems like he was a man who was capable of taking big decisions, and decisions which are going to cause the country a lot if it turns out to be a bad one but he was clearly the man for the job and was a true patriot.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the lost soul, may his soul rest in peace.

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