Home News How did Jiggaz dies? What was Zimdancehall Artist Jiggaz’s Cause of Death?

How did Jiggaz dies? What was Zimdancehall Artist Jiggaz’s Cause of Death?


How did Jiggaz dies? What was Zimdancehall Artist Jiggaz’s Cause of Death? Who was Jiggaz? It seems like the arts industry has been shocked and the whole industry is mourning following the death of an award-winning dancehall artiste who was pretty famous naming Geroge “jiggaz” Tanjani, he was the age of 39 at the time, Jiggaz dies at West End Hospital in Harare on Friday where he was admitted after the short illness. Follow More Updates on Get India News


Who was Jiggaz?

His death has been described as a great loss, it is not only a loss to the creative industry but to the whole nation at large. It has been stated by Savanna Trust and theatre director Daniel Maphosa, he was very sad to announce the untimely passing of his brother George Jiggaz Tanjan in the morning, he is shocked and gutted.


It has been further stated by the Zimbabwean writer and social justice activist naming Abel Mavura, it all started after his performance sometime in the year 2009 at Buddies Annual Festival of Arts which was organized by Pastime Trust at Harare Gardens and they agreed to work together.

How did Jiggaz dies?

He further stated he has been to Pasa Pasa but he attended the KwaLisho because of his talent, he stated he vividly remembered calling, “Rasta muri kupi tamirirwa kuRadio”, he cut short and he told Jiggaz that he is not a Rasta and he is never going to be one, he further stated that they stayed together for almost a year, he cannot believe him going away like this.

He ended by saying, a legend has died and he is always going to be remembered, he is survived by his wife and his seven children, Mourners are gathered at House Number 4865 in Glen Norah A Harare and the burial arrangements are yet to be announced. There are going to be further revelations in the story.

Jiggaz’s Cause of Death?

The reason for his death has not been stated as of yet, there has been no statement from the family about his death, it seems like the family requires some personal space and it is our advice to the users, not to disturb the family members as they must be going through some difficult times and they needs to be provided with some private space in these harsh times.

He has died at a very young age which is something his family is always going to feel sad about, he was very talented and he definitely would have achieved a lot in his career in the coming years but his death has been unfortunate and the industry has lost a talented artist.

Fan Pay Tribute To Death of Jiggaz


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