How did Jagnoor Aneja Die? What was MTV Love School fame Jagnoor Aneja’s Cause of Death? Who was Jagnoor Aneja? It seems like people are getting really worried because of these sudden deaths and suicides which have been seen in the year 2020 and it has been constant during the year, the industry has lost so many members of the fraternity and now it seems like there is another sudden death which has come in the eyes of the public.

Jagnoor Aneja

Jagnoor Aneja’s Cause of Death?

  • Cardiac Arrest

Jagnoor Aneja who was seen in Love School Part 1 and 2 is no more in this world, it is true, the Mtv contestant has left us all, he has passed away because of a heart attack, he was in Egypt at the time of his death. There have been no details as of yet about how the incident happened.

The Delhi-based couple Monica and Jagnoor had participated in MTV Love School to mend their relationship, however, the tops and tasks which were given in the love School were not much of a help as they both parted ways in the show. He participated in Love School with his girlfriend at the time naming Manisha.

Who was Jagnoor Aneja?

They went on to break up on the show due to some misunderstanding when a fellow contestant started raising questions about Jagnoor’s sexual orientation and he started calling him ‘gay’. He was a fine man and everyone on the internet is coming up with their tributes for the man.


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He has died too young, it wasn’t too late when Sidharth Shukla died, and now this, it is saddening what we are seeing these days, people are dying right, left and center, he was too young to die, he must have had so many dreams and aspirations but he will not be living them, unfortunately.


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He is going to be missed by everyone and it is our advice to the people not to disturb the family in these difficult times, they must be suffering from the trauma of their family member dying so it is better to leave them alone, they will probably come out with a statement when they settle down a little bit.

There is a lot of sadness on the internet and people are not at all happy after hearing such a piece of news which they have been hearing for a while now, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased.


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