Home Entertainment How did Gregg Leakes die? what was Gregg Leakes’s cause of death?

How did Gregg Leakes die? what was Gregg Leakes’s cause of death?


There has been a sad demise of Nene Lekaes’ husband who goes by the name of Gregg Leakes who has died at the age of 66, the publicist of “the real housewives of Atlanta” star has confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight, the news has been confirmed by a dear friend of the family naming Ernest Duke.

Gregg Leakes Death

Gregg Leakes’s cause of death

He conveyed the heartbreaking news through a statement saying, the Leaks family is in deep grief and sorrow as there has been a sad demise of Gregg Leakes after a long-fought battle with cancer, he has died peacefully in his room surrounded by all of his children and his wonderful wife Nene Leakes.

The statement continued on, the family ask of you to pray for his peace and to allow them to mourn in private in these difficult times, it was revealed by Leakes earlier this month that her husband is suffering from cancer, she told this in an interview in the year 2018 and the fans were watching the emotional journey in season 11.

How did Gregg Leakes die?

Even though she has kept most of the information private in these harsh times but she used to provide the fans with the report as to how is his condition when it comes to his health, Leakes gave a speech during one of the events and was asking for a lot of love which was captured by a fan on 28th August on Sunday.

After a few hours of the video surfacing on the internet, she posted a graphic stating the word “broken” which was followed up by a prayer and heart hands emoji. At the time when Leakes was diagnosed for the second time, she opened up about how she is feeling in these rough times, she stated it is very difficult for her to explain to the kids what their father is going through, they are very small to understand such stuff which is why this has been more excruciating for her.

He fought hard with cancer and it shows the mentality of the person, he was a warrior who tried his best to get out of the pothole but couldn’t come out at last, tour thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, he was a gem of a person and we hope his soul finds peace.

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