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How did Fred Hiatt die and what was his cause of death? Washington Post Editorial Page Editor dead at 66


How did Fred Hiatt die and what was his cause of death? Washington Post Editorial Page Editor dead at 66: The news is coming from Washington, there has been a sad demise of Fred Hiatt who was a foreign correspondent who rose in the year 200 to become The Washington Post’s editorial page editor, he has died on Monday at a hospital in New York City, he has died at the age of 66. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Fred Hiatt Death

Who was Fred Hiatt?

According to the post, his wife, Margaret “Pooh” Shapiro who has stated that Hiatt had a cardiac arrest while visiting his daughter in Brooklyn in New York dating to 24th November and he did not regain consciousness. Hiatt either wrote or edited nearly every unsigned editorial published by the newspaper more than a thousand a year, he also edited the opinion columns published on the paper’s op-ed page and website.

“Over the past two decades, Fred’s leadership made The Post’s editorial page into the most consequential in the news industry,” the newspaper quoted Washington Post publisher and chief executive Frederick J. Ryan Jr. as saying in a statement to the staff. “A 40-year veteran of The Post, he built friendships throughout the company and made immense contributions as a writer, an editor, and a mentor to so many across the organization. His legacy also spans the globe: Few journalists have rivaled his idealism and complete dedication to the causes of democracy and human rights worldwide.”

How did Fred Hiatt die?

Hiatt was a Post reporter for about 15 years, he covered regional politics and national security and was a correspondent in Tokyo and Moscow before joining the editorial page in the year 1996. Four years later, he took over the editorial page, he was a true leader, Hiatt worked his life to maintain The Post’s traditional editorial positions including support for civil rights, international human rights, and traditional editorial posts.

Fred Hiatt Death Cause

On 11th September in the year 2001, he and his deputy, Jackson Diehl responded to the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and New York’s World Trade Center with an editorial that analogized them to the bombing of Pearl Harbour which was one of the reasons which made the US enter the World War II.

Hiatt had an eye for cultivating editorial talent and built out a team in an internet age that produced some of the website’s most-read articles, three columnists won the Pulitzer for commentary under Hiatt’s guidance: Colbert I. King in the year 2003, Eugene Robinson in the year 2009 and Kathleen Parker in the year 2010.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, may his soul rest in peace.

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