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How Did Ernie Sigley Die? Denise Drysdale’s heartfelt tribute to Australian host Ernie Sigley Death Cause Revealed!


Ernie William Sigley has been passed away on Sunday at the age of 82, he was best known as the natural entertainer. He was even seen to be stabbed in the support of the Western Bulldogs, he’s always used to be available for his friend and for the help of the needy people. He was born in Footscray, and he best knows as Ernie. His fans use to be over his work as he made them let him love more by his voice. He also appeared on television.

Ernie Sigley

How Did Ernie Sigley Die?

One of his friends Denis Walter gave a statement in which he said that “Ernie has that kid inside him who makes him special and different from others.” “We were made numerous of memories together, the things that have been returning to me, of various occasions we used to be shared things that were ridiculous diverting,” Walter said. Dennis Galimberti, the previous CEO at Footscray AFL, said when Sigley turned into the club’s main ticket holder during the 1970s he pioneered another path.

Denise Drysdale Ernie Sigley

“He was an unbelievable sponsor when the club required advancement and was unfortunately deprived of special action,” Galimberti said. “if we talk about these days then, the Bulldogs were unfashionable and failed to meet expectations, but, he was a banner conveyor for them.”

He was additionally a customary at the club’s leader’s lunch at whatever point the Bulldogs played home games. “Ernie worked for the Bulldogs on his men’s club circuit around Australia. He was an unimaginable promoter of the club when it was a lasting basement occupant.”

Ernie Sigley Death Cause

Sigley, who had been living with Alzheimer’s infection and had been in private consideration in his last years, died calmly, as indicated by a family explanation. “He lived and inhaled radio,” said previous partner and 3AW writer Donna DeMaio.

“I was quite green when I began at 3AW in the mid-’90s and he was a real legend. I was a little in amazement of him, yet in addition very eager to answer to him from out and about and the thrilling things occurring in Melbourne.

“Ernie was the one who used to take pole under their own wing. He was one of the most kindhearted people. He has the most attractive smile and the best laugh. He loved to be on the radio and his voice has been liked by most people. He used to do lots of fun every time and keep the audience engaged to them.”

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