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How did ED Asner die? Tributes pour in as comedian and Emmy-Winning Star Of Up, passes away at 91


There has been a sad demise of the iconic TV actor Ed Asner who has recently passed away at the age of 91, the news is coming from Los Angeles, Ed Asner is the character who became a star in the middle age as the lovable newsman Lou Grant who was gruff too.

ED Asner

ED Asner Cause of Death

He has been the part of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and he later came in the drama “Lou Grant” who has died on Sunday at the age of 91, the representative of the actor has confirmed the death of the actor, there has been a note which has been included by his children on his Twitter account. They stated, they are very sorry to state about the death of their beloved patriarch who has passed away this morning and he has died peacefully in his sleep, words cannot tell about the grief they are facing right now, they ended by saying “with a kiss on his head, Goodnight dad, we love you”.

How did ED Asner die?

He was built like a footballer at some point in time, the balding Asner was the journeyman actor in TV and films as he got hired in the year 1970 in which he had to play Lou grant, he acted as a rumpled boss for about seven years which is for the fictional TV newsroom show where he worked. Many of the cast members of the show have recently died which is sad to see, this is what age does to you, it is sad to see the stars of their era dying so casually but this is how age works and we have to respect the fact that he has died peacefully, without experiencing any kind of pain.

ED Asner Achievements

He has won Emmy 3 times for the best supporting actor for the show “Mary Tyler Moore”, he has also won 2 best actor awards for his spectacular performance in “rich man, poor man” in the year 1975-1976 and for “Roots” in the year 1976-1977.

He had around 300 acting credits which tell you versatile he was as an actor, there was hardly any role that was out of his reach, he gave total justice to the roles which he was asked to portray and he made the roles look as if they were always for him only and that is the reason why people are so sad.

he is one of the greatest actors which has been seen by the industry and his name is going to be written in golden words in the history of cinema, he was a crucial part of this huge multimedia industry. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased.

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