Home World How did Dinky Soliman die? what was Dinky Soliman’s cause of death?

How did Dinky Soliman die? what was Dinky Soliman’s cause of death?


How did Dinky Soliman die? what was Dinky Soliman’s cause of death? Who was Dinky Soliman? What Happened to Dinky Soliman? Can be checked on this page, There has been a sad demise of a long time social worker and activist, she is the former social welfare secretary who has died on Sunday dating to 19th September, she has been a long time social worker and this has been stated by her family, she has died at the age of 68.

Dinky Soliman

Dinky Soliman’s cause of death?

It has been further stated by the husband of Soliman’s, everyone is going to pray for her soul to receive peace, he further stated, we are going to share some details about the wake later and he asks for some privacy for the family in these difficult times, the name of her husband is Hector Soliman and he is a public interest lawyer.

She has passed away at 7:32 am, this has happened due to the complications she has faced in her heart and renal, she was suffering from Covid-19 in the month of August along with her husband Hector and several other families members but she survived the disease at the time.

It has been further stated by Hector she had many comorbidities which were already confined in the hospital when she suffered from the infection in the mid of August, she was last seen in public during the wake of the former president naming Benigno Aquino 111 in the month of June and she was among those who paid tribute to the former boss.

How did Dinky Soliman die?

She first headed the department of Social Welfare and Development during the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo but she, later on, resigned from the post along with other cabinet officials and heads of agencies who were collectively known as “Hyatt 10”. She was accused of fraud in the year 2004 at the time of the presidential elections.

In the year 2010, she returned as the DSWD secretary at the time of president Aquin, she was a big help to the human development and poverty reduction cabinet cluster, on 29th June in the year 2016, before the Aquino administration was replaced, she stated in an interview if there is one good thing that they can turn over to the new administration, it is the evidence-based policymaking, evaluation, and planning.

She was one of the most helpful people in them and she did a lot for the communities all across the country, just to get them out of their poverty crisis, she has played a big part in helping the citizens of the country and her contributions are going to be remembered forever by the people of the country.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

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