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How did David Sassoli die and what was his cause of death? European Parliament President dead at 65


How did David Sassoli die and what was his cause of death? European Parliament President dead at 65: We are saddened to tell you guys about the sudden demise of European Parliament president, David Sassoli. He was an Italian journalist turned politician. He died aged 65 on Tuesday. The sudden news of his death is making the headlines all around the world. On every media channel over the world, there is a telecast of his death news. Fans and followers of him are getting paying tribute to him by taking over to the tweeter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

David Sassoli

How did David Sassoli die?

A tweet which was surfaced from his team reads he wasn’t well since last year, while in September he founded diagnosed with Pnemunia, later in December he was admitted to the Italian Hospital. His immune system wasn’t working well or its functioning poot so its’s consequences were so severe and making him more ill. If we talk about the time when he had been elected for the position of president of the European Parliament, he was elected by the Center-left Democratic Party.

After this also he was elected twice for the same post in the years 2014 and 2019. Before elected twice David was tried to be a mayor of Rome in 2013 but his campaign was failed. So running a campaign was unsuccessful for him. Mr. David led the parliament through a most difficult time in his two and half year term. He was the very first president after being freed from Britain in early 2020.

David Sassoli Death Cause

Mr. David conducted European Parliament with the loss of negotiation over the landmark climate legislation and he also invested $2.2 trillion for the welfare of the people during the pandemic. When there was the first hit of the pandemic he along with the parliament took a most favorable decision for the people in the E.U. power structure

The cause of his death is not unveiled yet but as per his last year’s health condition and reports, his health wasn’t in his favor, and is suffering from several health issues. His family is in a huge grieve and they are mourning his sudden demise. Whereas there are numerous tributes for him on Twitter. David was neither a traditional politician nor he tried to become. He becomes free to speak up against the measures of the corona and he gave his best to release new safety measures for pandemics. Our deepest and heartfelt condolence are with his family and friends.

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