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How did Daffney Unger die? what was Shannon Daffney Unger’s cause of death?


Former professional wrestler Daffney Unger has died, she has passed away at the age of 46, she took the internet by storm as she was reading a suicide note live when she came live on Instagram having a gun nearby, her death has been confirmed by her fellow wrestler Lexie Fyfe, she has confirmed the news on Twitter.

Daffney Unger

Daffney Unger’s cause of death

She posted about the sad demise of the wrestler on Thursday dating to 2nd September, she stated, she is going to miss her, she was her logical sister from another mister, the cause of her death hasn’t been revealed as of yet but people are speculating that she has died by committing suicide.

This is being speculated as she came live on Instagram prior to her death and was sharing suicidal thoughts which she was getting, it has been further stated by @screamqueendaff, they are very sad to announce the passing of Shannon Spruill who is famously known as Daffney Unger, they posted it on the request of the family.

They further stated to respect the personal space of the family as they must be going through some really bad times and they require some alone time to get their thoughts synchronized to what has happened.

How did Daffney Unger die?

Her wrestling name was Daffney Unger and she was seen on Instagram live on Wednesday dating to 1st September, she read an alleged suicide note as she had a gun nearby her which was visible in her life, everyone on the internet, and her friends and family got really worried as to what is she trying to do.

She stated in the video while crying, does everyone not understand that she is all alone and she again asks everyone before she started begging to just stop as she became more hysterical, she stated everyone remembers that her brain goes to Boston.

It was stated by Sean Ross Sapp, for the people who are concerned about her health, emergency services have been contacted and they are already on their way to her recent address, he did a second tweet stating her family has also reached and they are on their way to her house and the authorities are dispatched to her house.

Thousands of fans have been paying tribute to her, everyone was counting on the authorities to stop her from committing suicide but it is being speculated that she took her life before the emergency services reached, the cause of her death has not been stated as of yet but it seems like everyone already knows what has happened.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family who are suffering from the loss of her beautiful soul, we hope her soul rest in peace.

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