Home Entertainment How did chef Gregory Gourdet lose 40 pounds? Transformation journey explored

How did chef Gregory Gourdet lose 40 pounds? Transformation journey explored


How did chef Gregory Gourdet lose 40 pounds? Transformation journey explored: When chef Gregory Gourdt would found seen as a guest at a party. people were surprised to see him. At a party, when Gregory Gourdt did enter, people were shocked by his unbelievable body transformation. This party was hosted by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges in Luda Can’t cook, broadcasting on February 15, 2022, on the Discovery channel. Recently everyone got surprised by Gregory Gourdt’s body transformation. he losses 40 pounds. he gets back into his shape now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gregory Gourdet

How did chef Gregory Gourdet lose 40 pounds?

Famous chef Gregory Gourdt losses 40 pounds to gets back in his shape. Chef told that Between gyms closing, running injury (I have a torn meniscus), and survival eating at work, I gained a good amount of weight in 2020. At my highest weight ever, I pressed the health reset button in July. But everything that had worked in the past including yoga and intermittent fasting just wasn’t working. I power walked on a treadmill for months until my therapist told me I could run again. I went Keto for the first time extended my fasting to 20 to 24 hours a few days a week and finally started losing the extra weight. spent hours diving deeper into the health benefits of fasting and keto.

Gregory Gourdet Transformation journey explored

A reminder that health isn’t measured by weight. Thick or thin, always love yourself. Live in whatever body you feel comfortable in and don’t compare yourself to people on the internet. We all come in different shapes and sizes and can all do different things in our bodies. I still have a very long road to recovery. Need to be in shape to open @kannrestaurant. There’s gonna be lots of long days and stuff to lift and move around.

He did special thanks to his helpers by his Instagram Post

  1. Yoga @forgehotyoga
  2. Physical Therapy @liz.p.t
  3. Massage @pipematthews
  4. Personal Trainer @colinfeldtmapdx
  5. Hydrotherapy @knotsprings
  6. Fasting & keto info @thomasdelauer

How did he gain that much weight?

The American chef of Haitian descent Gregory Gourdet had gained that much weight during the covid 19 Pandemic. When he was in lockdown. he did not care for himself, and he gain weight. that becomes the problem for him. After realizing that he was at his heaviest ever stage. Then The chef decided to reduce his weight. He wanted to lose his all extra fat. he tries numerous things for losing weight after facing many difficulties finally he started losing weight. he succeeds in losing 40 pounds, eventually going from 212 pounds to 172 pounds.

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