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How did Bert Newton die and what was his cause of death? Australia’s TV personality, dies aged 83


How did Bert Newton die and what was his cause of death? Australia’s TV personality, dies aged 83: Australias most entertaining personality on television has been passed away and he dies at age 83. Bert Newton was the youngest radio announcer of his time. And he gained a lot of fame and people use to shower their respect on him. After getting the news of his demise they are paying tribute to him by taking over to Twitter. He was the inspiration for many and they are in shock to receive his demise. He was also known as “Nope Hoe of Australia.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bert Newton

How did Bert Newton die?

He passed away on 30th October and he took his last breath in hospital. Yes, you have read it right, as he was suffering from some serious problem and last year his one leg was amputated. He was suffering from a severe infection and that leads to the amputation of his leg. The news of his demise has been confirmed by his wife. She took Twitter and wrote, “the icon of showbiz has been passed away at age 83 and the tv career of him gave me so much fame and he was a great mentor also. And he left this world, it was so disheartening for all of us. Heartfelt condolence to his entire family and loved ones.”


While he went into the problem he was survived by his wife and other family members. Peter Ford has given a statement about him in which he said that “He lose his leg after he was tested covid positive and he spent the last year of his life in the hospital.”

Bert Newton’s cause of death?

He was an inductee of the Logie Hall of Fame and the Gold Logie was the award winner also. He was best known as an entertainer and radio artist. He was born in Albert Wtasin Newton on 23rd July 1938. He was married to Patti Mc Grath. He was the blessed father of two children.

The two children include Matthew Newton and Lauren Newton. He was one of the longest-serving television performers in the world. There was gossip about him that he was gay and then in the year 1974 he got married to Patti.

In the year 2012, he went under quadruple heart bypass surgery and he was in the hospital twice. He was also suffered from Pneumonia in the year 2017. And in the year, he suffered from a toe infection which acquired to him in the year 2020.

Hid fans and followers took to Twitter and they are paying tribute to him.

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