The death of loved ones is not less than a great shock and it is not easy to come out of this grief especially the death of a mother. In life, we loved her dearly, in death, we love her still. In our hearts she holds a place, no one else will ever fill. Such a mountain of sorrow has fallen on Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar as his mother, Aruna Bhatia took her last breath, today Wednesday, 8th September 2021. As per the report, on 3rd September 2021, she was hospitalized at Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital and she was admitted in a critical condition.

Akshay Kumar Mother Aruna Bhatia Death Reason

Aruna Bhatia’s Cause of Death

Her death news is confirmed by the actor himself on Twitter as he stated that “I feel an intolerant pain at the very core of my existence.” After hearing the death news of Akshay’s mother many other celebrities are paying tribute and sharing their condolences messages through their social media accounts. On Tuesday, 7th September 2021, Akshay thanked his admires and loved ones for well-wishes for his mother.

How did Aruna Bhatia die?

Even Akshay Kumar wrote a heartful message on his social media account in which he shows his grief on the demise of her mother. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “She was my core. And Today I feel devasted and feeling an intolerant pain at the very core of my heart. My maa Smt Aruna Bhatia is my everything and today morning she peacefully left the world and got reunited with my father in heaven. I respect your prayers as I and my family are going through this unbearable pain and may God give rest to his soul. Om Shanti (sic).”

Akshay Kumar Mother Aruna Bhatia Death Reason

The moment of his mother’s ill health news The moment he got to know about the ill health of his mother, Akshay cut his trip to the UK in middle and came back to Mumbai immediately. Akshay had been shooting there for his forthcoming movie, Cinderella. In his message he wrote to his well-wishers, Bollywood Star wrote that it is a tough hour for him and for his family as well. ‘Touched beyond words at your concern for the health of my mother. This is a very tough time for me and for my family as well. Each prayer of yours would greatly help (sic).

His fans and his colleagues from the Bollywood Industry have shared and expressed their mourning ad deepest condolences and send their prayers to his family.


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