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Hosur MLA Son Car Accident Video Explained: 7, Death In Fetal car crash at Koramangala


There has been an incident which has taken place in Bengaluru, the accident has taken place in Mangala Kalyana Manatapa which took place near Koramangala at 1:30 am. There are 7 people who have gotten killed in the incident, one of the deceased people includes the son of DMK MLA Y Prakash, these people got killed after their car rammed onto a divider and a wall of a compound which happened in the early hours on Tuesday.

Hosur MLA Son Car Accident Video Explained

Hosur MLA Son Car Accident Video

It has been confirmed by the DCP of traffic east as he has confirmed the death of Hosur Y Prakash’s son naming Karuna Sagar was among the people who got killed during the accident and the confirmation is being awaited on the names of the other people who became the victim in the accident.

Ravikanthe Gowda who is the Joint Commissioner of Police has stated there were four male and three female people who have died in the accident, six of them have died on the spot and there was one individual who died on the way to the hospital, he further stated the car was being driven really fast and in a rash manner which resulted in this horrific incident, it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet if they were drunk or not.

There has been a case that has been registered for negligent and rash driving, the bodies have also been shifted to St John’s hospital for the post-mortem. There are many questions that haven’t been answered by the authorities as of yet as this is developing as of this point in time.

There are going to be many revelations that are going to be made regarding the case as the investigation in the case is still going on. The authorities are going to be coming up with more statements as the investigation progresses. It is pretty sad to see 7 people losing their lives in such a way, so many families have been affected due to the incident.

It is very irresponsible to drive in a rash manner, people need to understand, driving is not only about their safety but also the safety of the people who are traveling with them on the road, driving is something which requires you to be vigilant all the time as someone can lose their life because of the irresponsible behavior of an individual.

Our thoughts and prayers reach out to the families and friends of the people who have lost their lives in this tragic incident.

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