Home News Homewood Homicide: 3 dead after shooting in Homewood South: identified

Homewood Homicide: 3 dead after shooting in Homewood South: identified


Homewood Homicide: 3 dead after shooting in Homewood South: identified: The crime is not taking its name to get stop and day by day we are hearing several serious crimes. It seems like criminals are not scared of the consequences of their crimes and that’s why they are easily committing crimes. One such horrible news has been reported which states that 3 people were discovered shot and assassinated in a house in Pittsburgh’s Homewood South neighborhood and this crime had happened on early Friday. In the report, it has mentioned that the incident has happened in the 7500 block of Hamilton Avenue at 04:00 AM. All three people two females and a male were declared demised at the crime scene. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Homewood Homicide

Homewood Homicide

A family member of two of the sufferers said Friday night that her sister and nephew were among three demised persons. One of the women was recognized as Nandi Fitzgerald (28-years-old) of Pittsburgh. The demised male was recognized as Denzel Nolan Jr, (13-years-old) of Pittsburgh. These deceased have been recognized by Wand Fitzgerald. However, the identity of the 3rd victim was not known and has not been recognized.

As per the statement of the public safety department,” The police of the city were called to a home in 7500 block of Hamilton Avenue at 04:00 AM in order to investigate reports of shots being fired in the area.  When officers from Zone 5 reached there, they discovered a lady with a gunshot injury to the head. A team of SWAT was also called to search the house and they discovered 2 more individuals with gunshot injuries inside.
The public safety statement further added that “Detectives and the mobile crime unit of the department are processing the scene.
Community leaders and neighbors, including Mayor-elect Ed Gainey, met on Braddock Avenue and Hamilton Avenue in order to show their support for the families of the victim. Sheldon Oliver stated that “We can not go into the new year viewing this is what we are about. This is not is. We are a community of love.”
Oliver organized what he called a “love gathering”.
Amber Sloan, with the “Madelt” organization, said that “I never imagined it when I made a post asking what occurred on hamilton, I never knew we would have 3 sufferers killed, so for me again I felt broken.”
Community leaders accept donations for the family while gathering Friday night. A GoFundMe page has also been created in order to raise money for the family of the victims.
Police are continuing to investigate the matter and trying to find out about the killer and why he assassinated them. Information of any possible suspects has not been released.
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