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Hololive Gawr Gura Nendoroid: Gawr Gura Break YouTube Record Become Most Popular Vtuber Ever!


Hololive’s Gawr Gura has been the most popular Vtuber story which it has been for over 12 months now and it has all of the recognition to state that and it has taken over the Kizuna AI as it has managed to become the most popular Vtuber on Youtube as it has managed to shatter a huge record along the way, out of Hololive EN Vtubers, no one is more popular than Gawr Gura since the time it made his debut in September 2020 and it has managed to put the spotlight on so many Youtubers and has made them mainstream which has not been done by any other AI when it comes to the numbers.

Hololive Gawr Gura Nendoroid

Hololive Gawr Gura Nendoroid

The character has a cute shark by her side and the mix of musical and gaming content has taken over the internet by storm, it has managed to smash 3 million subscribers on Youtube in just a short span of time and the fanbase of the character is being stated as Chumbuds and the AI has become the first Vtuber which has managed to do this and she has done this in just 12 months which makes her ahead of so many multiple generations which is of Hololive talent that has made their debut for her and that is even more impressive of her.

All of this has led to her beating Kizuna AI which is considered to be the first Vtuber and Kizuna AI has around 2.97 million subscribers on the Youtube platform and Gura has managed to take over the AI on 30th June.

It has also earned about 1 Million dollars in revenue when it comes to super chat on the Youtube platform which she has managed to earn in 10 months and this has put her in the list of the top 30 at the platform which is according to the stats which is being displayed on the site playboard, and she even celebrated when she reached 2 million subscribers as she celebrated by doing a karaoke party and now that she has reached 3 million subscribers which is just unprecedented, we can expect that there is going to be a huge celebration.

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