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Holly Williams Murder Or Car Accident and Boyfriend William Lanway Updates


Holly Williams Murder Or Car Accident and Boyfriend William Lanway Updates: Holly Williams and her boyfriend, William Lanway has were found dead inside the car in Nashville back in the month of March in the year 2020, so who has killed them, we are going to be discussing more the case and the story in the article, Holly Williams was a 33-year-old woman from Nashville who has lived with her family. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Holly Williams

She was dating a married man who was a father as well, along with this, she was living with her boyfriend, she was found dead on the 12th of March which happened near the industrial area, the case has been given the name of double homicide case as the real culprit behind the scene has been unveiled, she was a dating a businessman of Austin who often visited her in Nashville.

The boyfriend was well-known about her double date and yet he stayed by her side in order to threaten the married guy for his extramarital affair with his girlfriend, they were no longer a couple and the boyfriend often asked for the money with Maund.

Holly Williams Murder Or Car Accident?

Holly Willaims and her partner William Lanway who was witnessed by the cops on the side of the road which is near Nashville in the year 2020, the case made people think of it as any other road accident unless their bodies were found bulleted. The incident looked like a car accident, the wounds of the gunshot were found on their bodies which were a matter of murder, the case later turned out to be contract murder.

Who Is Williams Boyfriend William Lanway?

Holly Lanway has been with her blackmailing partner when she was found dead, they have been taken to bed by her ex-boyfriend Erik Charles who is a 46-year-old guy from Texas.

Where Is Erik Charles?

Erik Charles along with his partners in crime seems to be in the custody as of this point in time the Nashville Police Department, the process of the proof collection and a court hearing has been going on be all set, it has been recently discovered that Erik used to visit Nashville more often in order meet Holly.

His phone details, his hotel bookings, his text, it all has completely turned the case on him, the Maund family has been trying to save their son, he is going to be facing life imprisonment if he is proven guilty, we are going to be back with the updates.

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