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Hobby Lobby Under God ADs On July 4 Independence Day: Explained


At the time of Independence Day, Hobby Lobby ran an advertisement in some of the newspapers which are being published across the country and they have advocated having a Christian-run government, it has been stated under the title ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD‘ and it also included the verse from the bible itself as it stated that the nation whose God is the lord that nation is blessed.Hobby Lobby Under God ADs

Hobby Lobby Under God ADs

There are also pictures of the advertisement that has been published on the site of the company and also they are there look at on social media, the ad is featuring about three columns and there is a quote of the former president and some other quotes of some of the historical figures and also in the ad there are some statements about Christianity and what is the take of the supreme court on Christianity.

They have stated in the news that it is a duty for all the nations for acknowledging the Almighty god’s providence and it further stated that everyone needs to obey his will, everyone needs to be grateful to him, everyone needs to humbly favor and protect him, this is what has been stated in the advertisement as it quoted the ex-president of the United States naming George Washington.

There has been a message that they have posted on a holiday, they have stated that they are going to promote holiday advertisements as they have further stated that the founder of the organization naming David Greene has felt that God has told him to do so after he saw the advertisements of the 1995 Christmas season.

There are many of the people who are really troubled by what they are trying to impose, they have been trying to impose as they are trying to combine State and Church ad one of the commentators has written naming Terry Blount that he is never going to be stepping a foot in HOBBY LOBBY as they believe that America is something to become the theocracy.

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