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Highway 23 Accident Updates: Fiery Crash Involving Hazardous Materials Shuts Down


Highway 23 Accident Updates: A piece of horrific news is hitting the headlines that heavy smoke has been spotted on Highway 43. The news is getting viral on social media after several videos and photos surfaced online. The news has wrenched the heart of many and many are searching for the incident online and to know more details about it. A number of videos and photos have been circulating online from the spot. The news of the incident has already been spread all over the world. In this article, our viewers will come to know more about the incident including when and how it happened and many more.

Highway 23 Accident

Highway 23 Accident Updates

Late Friday morning, a major highway was closed through northern Alberta after a horrific collision with hazardous materials that could be spotted dozens of kilometers away. According to numerous pictures and videos, a heavy black and thin smoke were spotted that filled the air on the incident spot on Highway 43 near Gunn, Alta. In a statement, RCMP said that the crash between a delivery van and a semi-tractor tanker truck took place around 10:15 AM.

Highway 23 Accident

The fire chief of Lac Ste. Anne County, Randy Schroeder stated, “It appears we had a collision with a fully loaded transport truck carrying diesel fuel with a small van.” He said that 20 firefighters had reached the incident spot after getting the news of the incident. The drivers of the two vehicles were immediately taken to the hospital early Friday afternoon due to unknown injuries. He added that both drivers are saved from the crash as they were immediately taken to the hospital in Edmonton.

Highway 23 Accident

One of the witnesses told 630 CHED that he could see the smoke from 40 km away. He described the incident as a significant event. He said that the firefighters were collecting the reports of the flames and smoke from about 70 km away. He added that no residents were affected immediately and that neither business nor homes had to be evacuated. According to the reports, traffic was disrupted due to the smoke. The Hazardous materials have been released by the collision.

Daniel Check, who has a late cottage near the crossroads said, “It was just horrific to see something like this happen. And to know how many people were involved… two at least.” In the whole incident, it is good that there is no loss of lives has happened. Bookmark our site to get all updates.

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