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Hiep Name Meaning Explained: John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Son Has A Vietnamese Name


Hiep Name Meaning Explained: John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Son Has A Vietnamese Name: John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have recently revealed the name of their newborn son, Malcolm Hiep Mulaney, fans are now wondering what the meaning of ‘Hiep’ is, the duo have recently shared a snap of their baby boy on Instagram, ever since the baby picture surfaced on the social media platform. It seems like Twitter has completely exploded with the chatter about the news, it has to be one of the cutest pictures on the internet. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hiep Name Meaning Explained

Hiep Name Meaning Explained

There are different theories about what the name Hiep means, it is a pretty common Vietnamese name that means ‘warrior’ or ‘To Unite/To Come Together.’ Hiep’s pronunciation is  ‘huh-I-ah-ee–ep.’

On the other hand, Olivia and John’s newborn baby’s first name is Malcolm which is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, it means  ‘devotee of Saint Columba.’


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Is Olivia Munn Of Vietnamese Ethnicity?

There are many Olivia Munn fans who might have already known that the Oklahoma City native is of mixed ancestry, her mother reportedly arrived in the United States, she was a refugee, she came to the United States after the Vietnam War. It makes sense that they have chosen the name in honor of the Asian ancestry via their son’s name.

A Look At John Mulaney And Olivia’s Whirlwind Romance

John announced the pregnancy of Olivia in the month of September 2021 on Late Night With Seth Meyers amid the whirlwind romance with the actress. The news of the pair came on the heels of John’s split from his wife at the time, her name is Anna Marie Tendler, John’s separation from his ex-partner surfaced mid-May this year, the star has filed for divorce in New York in the month of July.

There is not much to the story as of this point in time, it seems like they both are pretty happy and the picture that they have posted of a newborn baby is the cutest thing on the internet for sure, people are adoring the beautiful baby, the couple seems to be on top of the world, we congratulate them on having a kid, the fans are not stopping wit the heart emojis in the comments.

It is unlikely that there are going to be further details on the story in the coming days and weeks, if anything comes up regarding the story then we will update you guys as soon as something comes under our radar in the coming days and weeks.

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