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HGV Drivers Salary: Lorry Drivers Offered Up To £60,000 And Other Bonuses


HGV Drivers Salary: A piece of good news for the drivers of HGV in Suffolk and north Essex are being offered a good and huge amount of salaries and a range of bonuses as firms look to finish driver shortages. Notice for drivers of haulage posted in the local area have manifest payments of over £40,000 and not only this in one case up to £60,000 a year could be on the proposal. Chelmsford-based Woodland Group had one of the huge and highest value job posting for 1st class HGV drivers. For this position the company offering a wage of amongst £45,000 and £60,000.

HGV Drivers Salary

HGV Drivers Salary

Woodland Group’s domestic fleet, Managing director, Sean Kirby stated that “As a business, we look to wage all employees a proper and fair rate on the basis of their knowledge, responsibility, and experience. As such we mainly keep in a row of the HGV driver wage rates nationally and maintain the rate of wage in line with other larger, like-minded works.”

“The present shortage of HGV drivers has out a well-alleged focus on drivers, what is their needs, responsibilities, and wage. It has also watched a rise in wages across the industry as the scarcity of drivers has brought about incredible demand for quality drivers in order to keep the number of trucks on the road.”

One firm, anonymous in the posting online but explained as an “independent logistics and global trade management provider” watching or looking for truck drivers in Felixstowe, stated that it would give a proposal of £2,000 bonus to drivers who signed on and finished 20 shifts by 1st October. Not only this it is also offered a £500 bonus for those who refer friends to the firm.

The Road Haulage Association, Tom Corwell, stated that the increased wages and bonuses had raised in recent years. He said, “It is certainly something that is becoming more common. If you reverse a couple of years ago huge sign-on bonuses and high wages were unheard of.” Mr. Cornwell stated he had seen a number of different inducements offered to drivers including those who are related to vouchers and mobile phones.

Although this is good for drivers, the news of bonuses could mean that huge and higher prices for shoppers. He stated “For the truck drivers themselves it is a great thing. But at some time that price has to be passed on somewhere. They have to pass it on to clients if they can absorb it.”

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