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Her Pen Pal Movie Review: Hallmark ‘Her Pen Pal’ Epic Romance BTS Photos!


The leading actor of Her Pen Pal has been shared some of the pictures o his official Instagram account of the behind-the-scenes from the filming destination with his costar. The highest network Hallmark is coming up with its new movie “Her Pen Pal”, which will be making the fans of Joshua Sasse super excited to watch the film. While they are also getting curious to know more about the upcoming film. Sch as director, producer, cast, release date and etc.

Her Pen Pal Movie Review

Hallmark Her Pen Pal Movie Review

So, we fetch all the essential details of the film here for you. The film is directing by Clare Ninederpruem, while the writer of the film is Joie Botkin. The genre of the film is based on romantic drama which the most engaging concept to run any new film along with the audience. The film is going to be released in the English language on the video streaming app HallMark. The running time of the fil is 1 hrs 24 minutes. Jeffery Beach is the producer of the romantic drama. Whereas the executive producer is Nancy Bennett. The cinematographer in the film is Kristoffer Carrillo.

The costume kdessinger for the movie is Irina Kotcheva and te production desinf by Alexei Karaghiaur. Special effects credit goes to Nikolay Atanasov. The editing credit goes to Katie Abel, Ryan Gay, and Greg Stanley. Maria Djidriva is supervising the script of the film.

The entire cast of the film:-

Mallory Jansen and Joshua Sasse will be going to be seen in the film as the main leads. Mallory is playing the role of Victoria while Joshua is playing the role of Jacques in Her Pen Pal. Lachlan Nieboer will beseen as Cameron Reisch. Jayne Wisener going to have appeared as Tracy Cook. If we talk about the character Mike then it will be playing by Gregory Haney. Other than them there are John, Amanda Blake, Janis Ahern, and Benoit Marchal also on the casting list.

The storyline of the forthcoming film “Her Pen Pal”:-

It revolves around a girl who is passionate about her work. She is an event planner and gets a job to plan the wedding of her best friend in pairs. But here she gets back to meet her Ex and this makes her reconnect with her pen pal of childhood.

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