A sexual assault accused man assassinate a victim’s father after he came out on the bail. This murder incident took place in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The murder has happened during an argument at the time between 4-4:30 PM. According to the UP Police, there was a heated argument has happened between the victim’s family and the accused family outside a temple of the village which was then turned in the shot dead incident. The victim’s father lost his life on the way of taking to the hospital.

Hathras Murder Case

The age of the assassinated man was around 50 years, his name was Awanish Sharma. The main reason for his death is that he had registered a molestation case against Gaurav Sharma who is the main accused of molestation as well as the murder. The incriminated Gaurav was arrested in the case of molestation in the year 2018 and the case was lodged beneath the Sasni police station in Hathras District. As per the sources, Gaurav is currently chief of the Samajwadi Party.

The police currently apprehension Lalit Sharma, one of the four accused, and informs that they will be going to apprehension others very soon. The two other incriminated have been recognized as Nikhil Sharma and Rohitash Sharma. The local court of Uttar Pradesh was granted bail to the main incriminated Gaurav Sharma after a month of his arrest, since then, the prisoner had been out. Ruchi Gupta the city area circle officer informed that Gaurav and the departed daughter both were decided to get married a few years ago, but due to some reason, the marriage was canceled.

The victim of sexual assault, whose father was shot dead is requesting on social media in order to get justice for her father’s murder. A video has been viral on social media in which the victim is weeping and requesting the police as well as the press reporters to get justice for herself and for her father’s murder. She is weepingly saying that the accused firstly sexually harassed her and when her father stood against this crime and registered the FIR then they killed her father. According to her, there are six-seven persons are involved in this murder crime. They shoot the three bullets on three different body part first bullet hit on his head, the second bullet hit on his right chest and the last bullet hit on his stomach.


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