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Hasan Piker Net Worth 2021: Socialist Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker Buy $3M home in Hollywood


Twitter is jammed up with the comments for the Hasan Piker. As he bought a new house and this house is so costly and people are in a shock how can he afford this much expensive house. On the other hand, the beauty of the house is also making the people stunned and they recommending the beauty of the house. This even made him in the headlines these days. W0hiel that doesn’t know much about him is curious to know more about Hasan. So in this article, we will ging to update with Net Worth of Hasan Piker:-

Hasan Piker Net Worth 2021

Hasan Piker Net Worth 2021

Hasan Piker is a famous YouTuber with numerous or millions of subscribers. Around three months ago his net worth has been announced by a source and it is 2 million dollars. But he has been recently bought a new house which costs 3 million to him. That clearly means that his actual net worth is more than $2million.

He has his channel named Twitch and this makes him more popular which directly helps him to generate more revenue. Through his channel, he use to generate revenue from his channel through advertisements, donations, and subscriptions. He even has numerous sponsorship offers from where he can generate more and make revenue for himself. He has 743,000 subscribers on his youtube channel and this is a great number for an influence.

Hasan Piker New Home:-

His new home is in West Hollywood, California which costs him $2.74 million. His news he is situated near the Beverly Grove neighborhood.  It is 3,800 square feet, it has 5.4 baths and 5 bedrooms. The style of the house is “Mediterranean Style Residence”. A house has a swimming pool and perimeter walls with a glass kitchen.

His fans are curiously waiting for him to release a video of his complete house tour. He promised his followers that he will soon be going to release a house tour video. Here is what his followers tweeted, “I’m not getting it why people are defining his net worth as everyone has a right to live their life on their own terms and the way they want to live.”

There are numerous tweets in which we will going to read how some of the people claiming and defining their net worth after buying a new house.

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