Home News WATCH: Harry Styles Daylight Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Harry Styles Daylight Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Harry Styles Daylight Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Recently, the news was trending on the internet that James Corden is making a new song with Harry Styles. James was working on The Late Late Show which has been hosted since 2015. He was working completely dedicatedly and never worried about money. But he wanted to make this one life remarkable. He decided to release a new song with his good friend Harry Styles. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Harry Styles Daylight Video

Harry Styles Daylight Video

He says that when I started my journey, this was just what was going to happen. It was going to be a journey, an adventure. I never saw it as my final destination, you know? He told the fans at that time. And I never want this show to go beyond its reception in any way. I’ve always wanted to make this.

James has invited his good friend Harry Styles to release the song Daylight. They are working on it. And began filming a music video for one of Harry’s new songs for just $300. The two began their journey and found a home to make music. They descended on every residential street in Brooklyn to find a house. But they did not meet. They are knocking on every door but no one wants to keep them in their house. Eventually, they meet a woman who gives them her home and they begin filming the music video.

Harry Styles Daylight Video Explained

When the woman is given a small place to live in their house, they are shocked because they are huge fans of Harry and they watch every video of him. Her room was filled with lots of posters of Harry and his belongings. He knew immediately that she was my true admirer. So many girls lived in one house. And they were also surprised that some big personality was coming into their house. It was unimaginable.

James and Harry were looking for a place that had great views and was included in everything. James says let’s go to Housetop. But the women said to them, Be safe! Housetop was risky. Because there is no cover there and someone will fall down. The landlord has strictly refused to go on the terrace. He followed her advice and started recording music. Harry and James were blown away by the view from above. It was amazing and enough for them to cover the whole scene.

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