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Harrods Security: Woman SPITS On Harrods Security Guard Check Viral Video Explained!


A most shocking video has been getting viral on the internet. The video is of a shopping mall where three ladies get into a heated argument ‘with the security guard of the shopping complex. The guards try to make them understand everything politely but she keeps on justifying herself with rudeness. Meanwhile, the crowd in that mall shot a video, getting viral on the internet. Women not only gett rude but also took a bad step by spring on the face of the guards.

Harrods Security

Harrods Security

As we all know that the world is getting through the most dangerous virus, hence the are certain precaution which has been mandatory to be followed for your health. Regarding the same, the Harrods Security Guard of the shopping complex requests her to wear a mask but she refuses to take precautions thus guards tell her to leave the store for not taking the compulsory precaution or wearing a protective mask.

The women have been sent out of the store for not accepting the UK law, include wearing of protective face mask. In the videos, you can see that the twelve security guards block the entry of those women in the store. Later we will also witness that one of the women of our three has been spotted on the face of the guard’s most disrespectful action.

The tussle not only stops here and it goes worst on and on, one of the guards chased the woman and pushes her so hard that she drags down on the ground by him.

Harrods Security Woman SPITS Video

The video was being shot by someone who was standing outside Knightsbridge street, whereas the video begins with the twelve guards handling or stoping the three women from entering them inside the store, and a woman tries to kick off one of the guards.

Further, we will witness that a guard holds the hand of the woman who has been yells or screams “who the hell are you to behave like this, and what the fuck are you doing to me?”

The whole incident has been recorded by the outsiders. The citizens have been arrested under the Criminal Evidence Act of 1984.

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